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7 Chakra Tree of Life Keychain

7 Chakra Tree of Life Keychain

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Introducing the mesmerizing 7 Chakra Tree of Life Keychain-- a very sought-after piece that stands out amongst other key accessories. It has the captivating power and beauty to draw attention every time. Choose from an array of energy-inducing colors to set the right tone and mood for any occasion. Each color has its own benefits; Red symbolizes passion, Orange is for creativity, Yellow increases happiness and positivity, Green brings harmony into your life, Blue cultivates serenity and peace of mind, Indigo conveys wisdom and intuition, while Violet amplifies spirituality. With the 7 Chakra Tree Of Life Keychain, you can unlock all these amazing vibes in just one accessory. Whether it's added to your bag or attached to your keys, this piece provides you with an understated but powerful look both day and night!





Item Type: Key Chain

Material: Zinc Alloy

Shape\pattern: Round, Heart

Charms:  Owl

Compatibility: All Compatible




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