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Firewood Stove

Firewood Stove

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The Firewood Stove is a versatile and portable stainless steel stove, perfect for those looking to enjoy the outdoors. Its integrated folding design allows for quick set-ups, easy storage, and effortless portability. The pull-out ash tray prevents any safety hazards from falling ash and makes disassembly and cleaning a snap. Adjusting the firepower is simple with a turn of the switch, while also having space to support long firewoods that won't fall out. Moreover, having an air inlet at the furnace side allows for easier lighting and longer lasting fires while still maintaining efficient combustion. Enjoy your camping trips even more with this Firewood Stove; you can use it for barbecue, boiling water or simply cooking!



Specifications:Material: Stainless steelSize: 210*145*140mm/8.3*5.7*5.5in (Unfold), 210*150mm/8.3*5.9in (storage)Capacity: MediumColor: Silver

Package Includes:1 X Firewood Stove1 X Storage Bag

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