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Mushroom Shape LED Night Lights certified by owrner

Mushroom Shape LED Night Lights certified by owrner

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Store owner: I realy like it, it took 3 weeks to receive it, and i am not disappointed.

Illuminate the Magic of Christmas with Our LED Night Lights - Mushroom Shape Marvels! Get ready to bring the enchantment of Christmas into your space with our whimsical LED Night Lights. These mushroom-shaped wonders are not just decorative wall lamps; they're your key to a festive, cozy, and captivating ambiance that will light up the holiday spirit. Capture the spirit of the season with our Christmas Gift LED Night Lights. These are more than just lights; they're your companions in creating unforgettable holiday moments. Embrace the joy of Christmas, and make your home truly magical this season. Order your mushroom-shaped LED night lights today and watch your space come alive with festive warmth and wonder. Deck the halls, and let the holiday spirit shine bright!




Material: ABS
Size: Diameter 8cm, Height 10cm
Power supply mode: Socket power supply
Order notice: EU: yellow shell / US: White shell 

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