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Upsy Socks

Upsy Socks

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Upsy Socks will have others ogling your fashionable style with admiration. Show off your flair and comfort with a pair of these attractive, unisex socks. Perfect for any occasion, they will keep your feet warm and snug so you can dance the night away – or get through a long day in the office! With these unique and eye-catching accessories, you can stand out from the crowd while proving to everyone that you know what true class looks like. Upsy Socks are comfortable enough to wear everyday, yet stylish enough to make any wardrobe look complete. Put some pizzazz into your collection of great socks today by investing in Upsy Socks!



Fit for US women's shoe size 4-14, men's shoe size 3-12
Crew socks
70% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Machine wash
Package: 1 Pair Socks

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